Timeline for the Don Valley Cable Car

don valley cable car viaductA project such as the Don Valley Cable Car takes a lot of time and resources to bring to fruition — which makes pinpointing an exact opening date difficult.

As we’re just completed our initial round of community consultations, we’ve not put any exact timeline in place. Having said that, based upon past work and research into other projects around the world, we anticipate the project could take between three to four years for full realization.

Notwithstanding the previous, below you’ll find a general outline of the next steps the project would experience over the coming three to four years in order to bring the project to realization.

This timeline is solely a guide and is subject to change.

Year 1 — Consultations & Toronto Office of Partnerships

The project team will work with the local community and the Toronto Office of Partnerships to validate the social and political feasibility of the Don Valley Cable Car Project.

Year 2 — Engineering, Planning & Development Application

In Year 2 the project will pass into detailed engineering, design and planning. Comprehensive studies and analyses will be required within any Development Application to the City of Toronto.

Year 3/4 — Building Permits, Construction & Opening

Believe it or not, the actual construction of a cable car is rather short compared to the time required to get a shovel in the ground.