don valley cable car viaductThe artwork created for this initial stage of the Don Valley Cable Car project is intentionally conceptual in nature.

Because we want to take our guidance from the community on what the cable car station areas and towers will look like, it seemed wrong to rely upon cold, computerized renderings that give the project a feeling of completeness and finality.

We therefore chose instead to go in the exact opposite direction.

Working with Toronto artist and cartographer, Andrew Alfred-Duggan, we’ve crafted hand-drawn portraits inspired by turn-of-the-century CN Rail advertisements. The portraits are meant to convey a sense of place and the possibilities the cable car presents. They are meant to show what the cable car project could be. Not what it will look like. Not what it’s going to be — because, frankly, we don’t know yet.

While we’ve only just begun circulating the images in the last few days, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. One area Resident’s Association has even requested a further two images be created to highlight the proposed station areas.

We’re working on those now and will make them available when ready.


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